Correct way to Learn the verbs in Arabic

The verb in the Arabic language is every word that indicates the occurrence of an event at a certain time, and in the Arabic language the verb is divided into many types.
The verb is the expression that indicates the occurrence of the event at a specific time, and the verb indicates two important things, namely; The mental meaning of the word is the event that took place, and the time in which the event took place. When an event occurred before it was uttered, then in this case the verb is past, but if the event took place at the time it was uttered, then it is a present tense verb.
Verbs are classified according to the time of occurrence into three basic types, namely: the past tense, the present tense, and the imperative.

If you want to practice speaking Arabic, you must learn the most common Arabic main verbs and their conjugations.1500 Arabic Verbs by Frequency ♬ - by eArabicLearning- Memrise

You are likely to use these Arabic verbs while you are working, studying, speaking to fellow students or native Arabic speakers, or just practicing your speaking skills.
How well do you really know your actions? Do you master the conjugation of verbs in Arabic correctly? Do you know all the different situations in which you can use these verbs?
You probably spend a lot of time and effort learning new Arabic verbs, and this is also very important. But it’s a good idea to take a look at the most common Arabic  verbs that you use every day and learn them better.
Choosing the Arabic verbs to be learned
Some verbs only have one meaning, and can only be used in one way. Others have many different meanings and can be used in ways you may not even realize.
Where do you start?

Pay attention to your Arabic speaking for just one day. You will start to notice the words you use more often. These are the words to start with, and the best ones if you are studying Arabic for beginners.
Now open your eyes and ears, and you’ll notice more verbs all around. You should be aware of the words you read or hear over and over again. This is especially true if there are some words you hear all the time, and you’re not sure what they mean!أفضل 4 مواقع تساعدك على معرفة تصريف الأفعال العربية مجانًا - eArabicLearning

If you are beginner in Arabic you can start with this vedio

  • This lesson can help you to improve your reading skills ,
  • In reach your Arabic vocabulary and fix your pronunciations .
  • This lessons is made for beginners A1 & A2 Arabic levels .
  • This lesson is supported by funny pictures and translation in English .
  • To have the most benefit from the lesson:

1- Replay the video from 3 – 5 times .

2- Repeat after the teacher .

3- Write your new vocabulary in a sentence in the comment and let us see how can you use it .