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Arabic short story – Welcome to Egypt

This is a short Arabic story of a real student he has been in Egypt many times before , you can listen to the Arabic phrases you will learn important verbs and vocabularies related to visiting Arabic country and have a tour inside and learn a names of famous Arabic foods . وردية طالبة أمريكية […]

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Adjectives in Arabic for kids and beginners.

To get to learn a language fast you need to gain its main vocabularies. One of the most used vocabularies in Arabic is Adjectives and opposites related vocabulary, so we build this list of opposites to help kids and beginner levels to learn the basics of Arabic Language . Adjectives in Arabic : sameen /Fat

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Adverbs of frequency in Arabic for beginners

This lesson will help Arabic language students in beginner levels to use the adverbs and to pronounce them correctly . Translation الكلمة voice/audio at all إطلاقاً Itlaqan   Scarcely نادِراً nadiran   frequently غالباً ghalban   Usually عادةً Aadatan   completely تماماً tamaman   Permanently نهائياً Nihaiean   barely بالكاد bialkad Mostly في كثير من

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30 most common Landmarks in Arabic

This lesson should help students in level b1 & b2 to learn  Listening , reading and Understanding  vocabularies about palaces and Landmarks in Arabic language . Translation الكلمة pronunciation Gym صالة ألعاب  salat alaleab Castle قَصر qalea Police station مركز الشرطة Markaz Alshourtah Library مكتبة maktaba clinic عيادة eiada Video Game Center مركز ألعاب الفيديو

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Arabic language for Journalism

This lesson is for students who interests in learning Arabic Language for practicing politics or international press in Arabic . it contains 30 of the most common words in the field of The political field in Arabic. you can read and listen the pronunciation of each word . Translation الكلمة pronunciation Embassy سفارة sifara Ambassador سفير

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Weather and climate in Arabic

This Lesson will help students to learn a 20 vocabularies related to weather forecast in Arabic , Weather and climate . طقس Weather مناخ climate جو Atmosphere رياح Winds سحاب Clouds غائم cloudy مشمس Sunny دافئ Warm ممطر Rainy فيضان Flood زلازل Earthquakes بركان Volcano ثلوج Snow حار Hot بارد Cold معتدل Moderate الربيع The

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Topography terms in Arabic

This lesson will help the students to learn more words about the Topography  , Geography and world map basic terms in Arabic . الكرة الأرضية خريطة العالم القطب الشمالي  القطب الجنوبي محيط بحر جب جبل جزيرة أرخبيل قارات واحة بحيرة خليج Desirt صحراء غابة

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Arabic-English Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms

If you travel to a country where Arabic is spoken, chances are that sooner or later you’ll find yourself using a computer. For English speakers, the Arabic of computers and the internet can be surprisingly easy—in areas of technology, many Arabic terms were adopted from English. In this table we have highlighted the most famous

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Animal Vocabulary in Arabic

In this vocabulary lesson we will highlight different animal groups in Arabic culture like: House animals -Pets-. Farm Animals. Wild Animals. House animals/Pets in Arabic: الحيوانات المنزلية/ الأليفة: Male Female قط/Qet قطة/Qetah كلب/Kalb كلبة/kalbh أرنب/Arnb أرنبة/Arnabh فأر/Fa’r فأرة/Fa’rh عصفور/aosfor عصفورة/Aosforah كنارى/kanare سمكة/samkah سلحفاة/sol7fah هامستر/hamster Farm Animals in Arabic حيوانات المزرعة Male Female ثور/thor بقرة/Baqrah تيس/Tays

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