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Arabic is one of the most important languages on Earth, with over 450 native speakers in 22 countries. The importance of Arabic is growing day after day, and now there is an urgent need to learn Arabic, but Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages to learn due to the fact that Arabic is a Semitic language, and it is very different from the Romance Languages. So learning it would be quite a challenge, and in a non-Arab country learning Arabic would be even harder. But with the internet everything has gotten to be easier, and now I will list the top five sites you can learn Arabic from.

free arabic courses

This site assumes your knowledge about Arabic is zero, so it is a very good place to start with. It has a total of 10 lessons, and every lesson is one hour long.
The first lesson will describe the Arabic Vowels Fatha, Dammah and Kasrah and how to read and use them. From the second to the seventh lesson we will take Arabic alphabet and will describe their four shapes and how to read and write them. In these cases and with the vowels, after finishing these Arabic lessons you should be able to read Arabic text.

  • Madina book I, II and III

This is a course based on Madina Book written by Shaykh Dr. V. ‘Abdur-Raheem, and that course requires some Arabic skills that you have acquired from the previous site. You need to know the Arabic letters and their forms. The course contents are videos lessons. Each video is two hours long. These video courses should take you to the Excellency level of Arabic.

A helpful and a useful guide to Arabic from

Learn Arabic Online
Learn Arabic OnlineeArabicLearning

1-1 online eLearning course of Modern Standard Arabic .The site is nicely designed. You can start your tour in this site from Arabic language facts and myths, a well-crafted video presentation that gives you a brief about Arabic and why it is important and correct, as well as some of the myths about it. The course provides interactive eLearning experiences with good full-audio dialogues, Role play activities and much more to discover.

the site is a big encyclopedia of the languages, and Arabic isn’t an exception. The articles and resources featured in this site will take you to another level in your learning steps.

  • What is Next ?

The Free resources to learn Arabic are a great method to start learning with, but it isn’t suitable for all of the students. The way every student receives the information is different from another. So it is good to start with free resources, but if you need to learn Arabic effectively you should consider enrolling in a suitable program for your needs like college or high school classes. And there are also paid online services that put you in touch with a native speaker, which is a great advantage. One of them is online Arabic courses. This site provides you with live one-to-one online Arabic lessons . They have a variety of courses like:

And for French speakers:

The site also provides a free trial over Skype with a native Arabic speaker.