Arabic language for Journalism

This lesson is for students who interests in learning Arabic Language for practicing politics or international press in Arabic . it contains 30 of the most common words in the field of The political field in Arabic. you can read and listen the pronunciation of each word . Translation الكلمة pronunciation Embassy سفارة sifara Ambassador سفير […]

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Weather and climate in Arabic

This Lesson will help students to learn a 20 vocabularies related to weather forecast in Arabic , Weather and climate . طقس Weather مناخ climate جو Atmosphere رياح Winds سحاب Clouds غائم cloudy مشمس Sunny دافئ Warm ممطر Rainy فيضان Flood زلازل Earthquakes بركان Volcano ثلوج Snow حار Hot بارد Cold معتدل Moderate الربيع The

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Sports vocabulary in Arabic

This table contains a list of Sports ans sports vocabulary in Arabic. English Arabic Pronunciation Arena حلبة Hlbh Amateur هاو Haw Athlete رياضي RyadE Award جائزة Ja’ezh Champion بطل Btl Coach مدرب Mdrb Competition مسابقة Msabqh Cup كأس Kas Defeat هزيمة Hzymh Fan مشجع Mshj’e Goal هدف Hdf Medal ميدالية Mydalyh Opponent الخصم Alkhsm Player

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Clothes in Arabic

This table contains a list of Clothes in Arabic. Read , Listen & repeat.   English Arabic Pronunciation Coat معطف m’etf trench بالطو Balto Fur coat معطف الفرو m’etf alfrw Jacket سترة strh Pants بنطال bintaal Vest سترة sotrah Socks جِورب jewrab Hat قُبَّعة koubaah Blouse بلوزة blwzh t-shirt تي شيرت ty shyrt Shirt قميص

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How To add Arabic keyboard for windows 10 and 8.1

This tutorial works with window 10 and windows 8.1. 1- From the control panel choose Add a Language https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsocial.technet.microsoft.com%2FForums%2Fgetfile%2F503305&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fsocial.technet.microsoft.com%2FForums%2Fwindows%2Fen-US%2F8b0741a6-5546-47b0-bb3f-0e9d44e6bfa5%2Flanguage-pack-not-installing%3Fforum%3Dw8itprogeneral&tbnid=DCRC4UBrLfkiVM&vet=12ahUKEwjCsvrQ5bf4AhUGBRoKHUgmAuQQMygDegUIARC0AQ..i&docid=IYiotBoi-ZdriM&w=600&h=378&q=From%20the%20control%20panel%20choose%20Add%20a%20Language&ved=2ahUKEwjCsvrQ5bf4AhUGBRoKHUgmAuQQMygDegUIARC0AQ 2- Choose Add a Language. 3-Choose Arabic This Press Open. 4- Choose your preferred Arabic Dialect – We choose Arabic Egypt – Then press Add 5-In Your Task bar you will see Eng-ع Button you can

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Free Arabic to English Dictionary software

Arabic to English dictionary – English to Arabic dictionary Desktop Software: Aratools Arabic-English Dictionary: Note: This is a beta version, so functionality might be limited) Mobile Apps: English Arabic Dictionary (by LLC)” (This app is available for Android and claims to be offline and free) Arabic Dictionary English Free With Sound (This app is available for iOS and

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Arabic Prepositions – Prepositions in Arabic

حروف الجر العربية Arabic Prepositions Prepositions, known as ** huruf al-jarr ( حروف الجر )** in Arabic, play a crucial role in connecting nouns (or pronouns) to other elements in a sentence. They provide information about location, direction, time, and other relationships between words. Here’s a breakdown of some key points about prepositions in Arabic:

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