Basic Skills of Arabic Language

Do you want to learn Arabic language ?

You Don’t Know which skills you should focus on , Do you ?

  • If your answer was YES  , please go on and read this topic 

Arabic language is similar to any other language contains of 4 basic skills , which is Reading , writing , Listening and speaking 

And as you can see each tow skills are connected to each other for example Reading and writing & listening and speaking , because the person who can read well could be a good writer , same as the person he can understand what he listen to he could be good talker , and so on ,, 

Most of the students of Arabic language are cositrate more on Speaking skills and because of many reasons , some of the students wants to learn how to communicate with Arab people  and to live in Arabic countries in the future , another they are seeking for a job in Arabic countries or they already work with Arab nations , another they want to start up a new business which is in touch with Arabic nation people , etc  

Fortunately , because of the quarantine lots of New languages lovers invested the time to learn another language , and ofcourse Arabic language was one of them , but the issue was how did they learn ? 

A lot of Arabic language students bought Arabic language books like Arabiya bin yadika or other Arabic language books to teach them selves home Arabic language , it is a good idea to learn Arabic language , by this way you will be able to read , write good Arabic if you can practice well , 

Here the question could be

Can I learn Arabic speaking just from reading textbooks?

  • The answer is : definitely negative ,, you can use words with bad pronunciation , what happens is when you talk and try to use the words that you use to read yourself  the people won’t be able to  understand you .

What is the best way to learn Arabic speaking ?

  • Try to find somebody to speak with , and take a note: Language is a practicing process, so  how much you practice is how fast you learn .

Another question coming is , Is it a good idea to teach yourself a new language like Arabic language ? 

  • to be honest if you are in beginner levels  unfortunately the answer is negative too , Because Arabic language really needs a native speaker teacher to correct the pronunciation for you and follow up how you use a word that gives lots of meaning in different sentences ..try to find Arabic online teacher to help you to do that and it is really important to select a native speaker teacher . 

When can I study Arabic language myself ? 

At least after level 8 , Syntax ,conjugation and generating words and verbs from roots won`t be a problem for you then  .

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