Immersion Arabic camp


Arabic Summer Camp 2023

For Arabic and Islamic Studies


eArabicLearning`s immersion program is designed to provide students with an immersive language learning experience, where they are completely immersed in the target language and culture. Such programs are typically structured to provide students with intensive language instruction, cultural immersion activities, and opportunities to practice speaking the language in real-life situations.


For non-native speakers living in Alexandria, an immersion program can be very beneficial as it can help them to develop their Arabic language skills in a more natural and effective way. By being immersed in the language, they will be constantly exposed to Arabic language and culture, which will help them to learn and remember new vocabulary and grammar structures more easily.


Additionally, immersion programs often provide opportunities for students to interact with native speakers of the language, which can help them to improve their pronunciation and listening comprehension skills. They also offer a chance for students to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture, which can be very valuable in both personal and professional contexts.


The program is delivered by a group of highly experienced and accredited teacher with years of experience in teaching Arabic


  • Modern Standard Arabic

    - reading - Writing - talk - listen + Arabic Grammar


  • Teaching the Holy Quran

    - recitation - intonation - Preservation - Review


  • Teaching the Egyptian slang

    - Conversation - Phrases and methods 
  • Arabic for children

    An integrated program that includes Islamic studies and teaching the Qur’an to children
  • Female teachers specializing in teaching children  Arabic as a second language .



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Immerse yourself in an Arabic learning environment complete with highly experienced teachers in teaching Arabic as a second foreign languag

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Speaking in Arabic is not hard because you are learning by proffesional and long experiance teachers !



Choose your program 

  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) .

  • Arabic for kids .

  • Egyptian colloquial.

  • Islamic studies .

  • Conversation intensive course .


Programs does not include:


  • Flight tickets 
  • Adult accommodation 
  • Visa and residence expenses
  • Airport Taxi 


If you send your kids to us, know that they will be in good hands, the plan include all expenses just give them extra money for gifts and personal expenses.

Send us your contact details accurately so that we can keep you up-to-date with our news.

There may be a very slight increase in program prices if we have to buy some medicines or go to a doctor, God forbid.


We will help you find a private apartment, Hotel or rent a taxi to meet you at the airport. 



Alexandria city landmarks


Watch and learn how to pronounce Alexandria landmarks correctly






if you are interested in improving your Arabic language skills and gaining a deeper understanding of the local culture, an immersion program can be a great option for you. I recommend reaching out to eArabicLearning to learn more about their specific program details and to determine if it is the right fit for you.




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