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Our Quran teachers memorize the Book of Allah; most of them have ijazah in Hafs or Warsh, and some of them have ijazatan; Hafs and Warsh.

When you learn to read, memorize or Tajweed with us you learn at the hands of a group of skilled teachers combining teaching, provisions, recitation and Tajweed.

If you are a novice student or can't read Arabic, you will need the "Noor Elbyan" course in the recitation of the Quraan. This course will help you learn to pronounce the letters correctly when you read a verse from the Quraan.

This book is specially developed for beginner children reading the Quraan. It starts teaching consonants, vowels, and the mudood characters, which enables  the student to become proficient in reading in a manner consistent with the pronunciation of the Quraan.

The student is taught the difference between the regular pronunciation of words in the Arabic language and the pronunciation in the Quran, providing some knowledge on the writing rules of the Holy Quran and the difference between it and normal writing in the Arabic language.



The Course includes:


ü  Reading (Tilawwah) by the method of Imam Hafs -from - Asem, (the most famous recitation method)

ü   New Memorization through repetition under instruction

ü  A simple interpretation (Tafseer) for each Surah

ü  A revision of the previous memorized Surahs

ü  Teaching a Pronunciation and application of the rules of Tajweed


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