Al-Rashad in Islamic Parenting

Raising your Child to be a Muslim.

This is an Islamic curriculum dedicated to raising children in Islamic communities outside the Arab world or within. It is a special series for Arabic speaking children from the age of 6 years to 15 years of age.
The course contains an Islamic education curriculum comprised of nine parts, and each part has 14 areas of Islamic education:

  • Quran and intonation
  • Creed   
  • Hadeeth
  • Ethics
  • Islamic morals
  • Fiqh
  • Biography of Mohammed PBUH
  • Stories and biographies
  • Know your enemy
  • Information
  • Skills
  • Artistically works
  • Battles

So as to achieve inclusiveness and balance in the three educational aspects, Cognitive, emotions, skills. Threads are shown in a beautiful and harmonic way, supported with attractive and clear graphics which are suitable for children.