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The Best Online Arabic Course

Interaction with native speakers is the most important activity you should do if you would like to learn a new language. At least 75% of your learning time should be spent with native speakers.
Grammar and vocabulary books or CDs can’t teach you how to speak a new language or write in it.

By speaking and writing to a native you will increase your fluency, and by doing this frequently we tend to imitate them, resulting in impressive results that make you acquire the language with a native accent, along with great writing and speaking skills.

So, to learn a language as hard as the Arabic language, you have to throw away all the old techniques and consider learning directly from a native speaker.

EArabiclearning provides one of the best online Arabic courses on the internet, with professional teachers who interact with you directly from Egypt, and a variety of programs that suit every learner. You will have a great experience while learning the Arabic language.

EArabiclearning programs are:

Arabic ranks as the sixth most common language with an estimated 350 million native speakers. Every Arabic country has its own dialect of Arabic. However, all of them can read, speak and write with the modern stander Arabic – al fusha -.
Learning the classical Arabic or the modern standards Arabic is a great advantage for you if you would like to:
1. Learn Quran
2. Learn tajweed
3. Read ancient Arabic texts
4. Read most Arabic books and newspapers
5. Communicate with most of the natives and Muslims in modern standard Arabic
For more info and a free trial – Learn Modern Standard Arabic

Egypt is the largest country in the Arab world in population; with over 85 million speakers of the Egyptian dialect. This dialect is commonly known in the Arabic countries because of the vast entertainment that has come from Egypt, which helped spread it to the Arabic world.
Why you should learn Egyptian dialect?
1. It is commonly used in Egypt and understandable in most other countries.
2. If you wish to visit Egypt (the origin of civilization) it would be handy to know how to speak Egyptian Arabic.
3. If you would like to learn Arabic through songs or movie, you will find a huge library of Egyptian productions.

For more info and a free trial – Learn Egyptian Dialect

This program is suitable for learners who need to sharpen their Arabic skills.
Program description:
1. Learn more native Arabic expressions, such as idioms and trendy words.
2. Learn from a variety of topics including chatting on the internet, initiating complaints, discussing social news, religious topics …etc
3. Goals: Ability to speak daily native Arabic and communicate with native speakers with ease about almost any social topic.
For more info and a free trial – Arabic Online Conversation Lessons

العلم في الصغر كالنقش على الحجر
A little pot is soon hot
It is the most suitable for any person to learn a new skill, and languages aren’t an exception!
The younger your kid starts to learn Arabic, the easier it will be for them to master it. These kids’ Arabic courses help kids (3 to 12 years old) learn Arabic via reading kids’ Arabic stories and discussing topics.

For more info and a free trial – Learn Arabic For Kids Lessons.


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