Learn Egyptian Arabic – Easy Guide to Egyptian Arabic

Egyptian Arabic Language
Egyptian Arabic Language

Basic Information about the Egyptian dialect .

Names of Egyptian Arabic.

Egyptian Arabic , Egyptian colloquial language or Egyptian dialect is the language spoken by modern Egyptians. The Egyptians call it:

Latin Arabic
al’amiah العامية
al logah al masriah al ‘amiah اللغة المصرية العامية
al lahgah al masriah اللهجة المصرية
masri مصرى‎


How many  people speak Egyptian Arabic?

Egyptians started  using Arabic gradually after the Islamic conquest in the 7th century. Now there are about 90 Million Egyptians speaking the Egyptian dialect besides the modern standard Arabic. That alone makes the Egyptian dialectof  Arabic  the most spoken form of Arabic.

Why is Egyptian Arabic the most popular dialect of Arabic?

The popularity of Egyptian media especially films in the MENA region in the early 1900s

Most of the Arabic countries’ educational system was set up by Egyptian teachers and professors

Some of the modern artists seek fame by singing or filming in Egypt

Khan El-khalili
Khan El-khalili – Egypt

How to say ‘Hello’ in Egyptian Arabic.

There is no direct translation to hello in Egyptian Arabic,
some time they say:

ahelan –أهلا
salaam’alaykum -سلام عليكم
or just say
هاي- Hi
Good morning – صباح الخير – sabah el khir
Good afternoon and goodnight – مساء الخير – massa el khir

How to say ‘thank you’ in Egyptian Arabic.

شكراً  – shukran – thanks
متشكر – mutshker – I thank you
ألف شكر – alf shokr – a thousand thank you

How to say ‘I love you’ in Egyptian Arabic.

To male – Ba hebak – بحبك
To female – Ba hebek – بحبِك

How to say ‘I miss you’ in Egyptian Arabic.

To male – wa7ashtne  – وحشتنى
To female – wa7ashteene  – وحشتينى

How to say ‘happy birthday’ in Egyptian Arabic.

عيد ميلاد سعيد – ‘aid melad said

How to say ‘how are you’ in Egyptian Arabic.

To male – ezayak – إزيك
To female – ezayek – إزيكِ

To male – ‘amel eh- عامل ايه
To female – ‘amelah eh- عامله ايه

How to say ‘good night’ in Egyptian Arabic.

Good afternoon and goodnight – مساء الخير – massa el khir

How to say ‘good morning’ in Egyptian Arabic.

Good morning – صباح الخير – sabah el khir

Egyptian Arabic learning Methods.

The best is to learn Egyptian Arabic from a native.

Watch old Egyptian movies

Listen to Egyptian songs

Read books or poems written in Egyptian Arabic

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