Adverbs of frequency in Arabic for beginners

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This lesson will help Arabic language students in beginner levels to use the adverbs and to pronounce them correctly .

Translation الكلمة voice/audio

at allإطلاقاًItlaqan 
Mostlyفي كثير من الأحيانfi kathir min al’ahyan 
Always دائماًdayiman 
Mostlyعلى الأغلب ealaa al’aghlab 
at allمطلقاًMoutlaqan 

Can you use those words in your own sentences , post them one of our teachers will check it

Here are some Arabic adverbs of frequency that beginners can use to express how often something occurs:دَائِمًا (Dāʼiman): Translates to “always” and indicates something that is constantly or unchangingly true.أحْيَانًا (Aḥyānan): Means “sometimes” and refers to occurrences that happen occasionally.طوالَ الوَقْت (Ṭwāla alwaqt): Literally translates to “all the time” and signifies continuous or uninterrupted actions.في كَثيْرٍ مِنَ الأَحْيانِ (Fī kathyrin mina alʼaḥyāni): Expresses “often” or “frequently.”مِنْ وَقْتٍ لِآخَر (Min waqtin liʼākhar): Means “from time to time” or “occasionally.”بَينَ الحِيْنِ وَالحين (Bayna alḥīni wālḥyn): Refers to “now and then” or “intermittently.”كُلَّما / عِنْدَما (Kullamā / ʻindamā): Indicates “whenever” or “every time.”في كُلِّ مَرّةٍ (Fī kulli marrtin): Means “each time” or “on every occasion.”