Best way to teach kids Arabic Language

  Teaching Arabic to children through play / education games may be considered as one of the best and most successful methods of teaching Arabic as a foreign language for kids

There are several games to teach the Arabic language to children, and each game is suitable for a different  academic level of the Arabic language.

Among those language games that may suit the first primary level in the Arabic language for children

1- The child will color the Arabic letters and numbers.

2- The kids guess the missing letter in an Arabic word.

3- The child arranges the Arabic letters to form a word.

4- The child creates a letter in the Arabic language using cubes.

5- The kid draws the first letter of his name in Arabic with clay.

طريقة عمل صلصال بالمنزل وطرق تشكيله بالصور والخطوات - تنمية مهارات الطفل - فورنونو

6- The child closes his eyes and draws a simple Arabic word on the air or draws a letter for beginners.

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7- kid arranges the Arabic words to form a correct sentence.

لعبة 158 ألعاب اونلاين للأطفال في الصف الاول الخاصة به MaRam almutairi

These various language activities followed by the Arabic language teachers for children in our institution  eArabicLearning  have proven recurring success in remembering the child what he learns along with the child being enthusiastic, enjoying and connected to what he receives from the Arabic language lessons.

Your child will simply sit at the lesson attentive and excited because he expects an interesting activity like these immediately after the lesson ends

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