“Arabic online courses” what really helps?!

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In the last five years, Arabic Language online classes have spread, and many learners of Arabic Language as a second foreign language are asking how effective they are and are they really feasible? and are Arabic and Quran online classes a good alternative or an alternative environment for the original Arabic environment?!

In fact, the teaching of Arabic language online and Islamic studies online classes at the present time most of them based on individual education where the teacher and one student attends the virtual class (one to one )and offers him Arabic lessons from traditional books known to teachers and students in this area such as “Imam University books” and “ Al-kitaab” and the books of  “Madina University” and “Arabic in your hands” and other books…

And here you have to know that every book has its own curriculum and this curricula has been built to serve one goal of education not several reasons or goals , and this is very important point you have to stop at if you are new learner of Arabic Language don’t` select any book by luck -never do that – because now  you waste your time and efforts as well .first Ask your self the first question which is Why do I want to learn Arabic language  ?

and from here we can move to the second step, Find the teacher / tutor who can understand your needs from language and needs doesn’t mean goals of the language (Why do I want to learn Arabic language?) no, but the needs mean what do I need from the language (Arabic conversation skills or reading and writing skills).

  • Many of Arabic language students who are seeking for online Arabic courses are looking for conversation Arabic language skills which is contains (listing & speaking) for communication needs.
  • And most of the students are looking for the online Arabic course for religious goals are focusing on (understand the reading texts and to understand the audible).
  • And some of the Arabic students are looking for Arabic language tutoring to learn the Arabic media language and the press in the medial east and the jobs reasons.

As soon as the online Arabic course is based on the student and teacher (individual education ) then if you want to learn Arabic online the only thing you have to care about is how can I select my Arabic instructor or the question by different way , which teacher have I select to teach me Arabic language lessons ?

here to be honest, so you can get the best benefit from the online Arabic classes you really need to find the right teacher the teacher who can evaluate your current level specifically , the teacher who can understand your ability and needs from Arabic language , the teacher who has a scientific methodology of teaching Arabic language as a second language , the teacher who really care about your time and scheduled lessons .

If you did this step successfully don’t care much about the book you will study or the strategy of education that your teacher uses or how fast you will finish the currently level of Arabic language just follow your good instructor.

Muhammad Mourtada

Expert of methods of teaching TAFL