parenting in the west, Responsibility and decision.

The tax that the Arab nation immigrants pays to the Western side is really expensive, because simply you didn’t pay only for your work or your own business but actually you pay it as your children Islamic identity and their Arabic culture.

If you weren’t aware enough then, the price could be they get rid of the Arabic identity or their Islamic culture or both of them!

and the worse happens when parents loses the control of their children morals, they got surprised by actions and behavior they have gained from their Western societies- the one who teach your children their rights but do not teach them their duties in return- !  that is seems weird and not acceptable for you and for your culture.

The explanation for this is the natural consequence of the parents’ preoccupation throughout the day in their work to provide a good living and a decent life for their children in the “materially society” in which its citizens turns to a Pinion in a large machine called “The economic system world “.

You are in an unenviable position because your responsibilities are harder, there is a constant “external” struggle to integrate into society and normalize with it and take your material rights besides preserving your religion and culture  , And internal in the house in order to preserve the religion of your children and their Islamic morals and their Arabic language and their customs and traditions, As soon as the parents or one of them discovers an abnormal or strange behavior from one of his sons, it revolves as if the world has signed on his head. The vortex starts here looking for a cure but, in the case that the child has grown up and became a youth and the practices of non-Arab and non-Muslim peers have been imbued in his heart so It is late now to change these behaviors and temperament. And that Because you are not the only influencer in your child there is a visual and written media that you do not control under the modern technology and the Internet and there is a school community and there are peers and their street,

There are a thousand influential and influential contributes very much to the formation of your child’s personality, morals and printing.

so, we are saying before it is too late, teach your children their religion and Arabic language and invest in them because what you will spend now at the age of five and six years of effort and money in the lessons of the Arabic language and the Quran lessons will save you much to come

Invest also to sit with your son even if only two hours a day, be a friend of your children, know their problems in school Try to be the closest friend to them, guide them and help them find solutions to even the simplest problem. That interest will contribute to solving a bigger problem in the future, so do not look at that small problem, but look beyond and, take the advantage to speak and guide and correct before he never speaks to you!

Make a small area of ​​your house “Musalla” Teach your son The Azan and ask him to say it at the time of prayer Make your children’s ears get used to hearing the name of God, teach your son to read the holy Quran correctly and teach him to recite the Quran and Tajweed.

review your son’s religious duties before school and teach him that religion is more important to you than the world and encouraged him to attend the lessons of the Arabic language and the Quran, whether a picnic or a gift or other you need to encourage him if he did a good work.

attend with your son lessons of Arabic and the holy Quran lessons even if one hour a week and tell him that if you can, you will attend with him all the lessons of the Arabic language because it is the language of religion and culture and identity of Islamic and Arabic.

It’s useful also to take them to every Islamic environment and Muslims gathering you have such Islamic events and weekend conferences provided by a famous Imams like in USA, Canada and Europe.

Ask your son to be in his prayers and you make Dua for you as will, God SW provides you for them and provides them for you

“نحن نرزقكم وإياهم” ، “نحن نرزقهم وإياكم”

If you trust the children`s teacher, share some of your kids’ problems with him, sometimes he might can help with subjects that address a specific problem

Or online class discussion in the online Arabic lessons or the Islamic religious lessons or otherwise.

In the end dear compassionate father and virtuous mother, salute your children with their religion ومن أحياها فكأنما أحيا الناس جميعا.

you have come to this country and worked in order to provide a decent life for your children first and then to you so do not spare an effort in investing in your children life, they are your hopes and adornment in the world life and you may receive their prayers mercy and intercession in the Hereafter,

I ask God guidance for them and the admissions for you.

Muhammad Mourtada

The educational expert