Food in arabic

مرحباً بمتعلمي العربية Hello arabic learners Today’s lesson will be about name of foods in arabic. There are several words for “food” in Arabic, depending on the context: طعام (Ta3aam): This is the most general word for “food” and can be used in most situations. أكل (اكل): This literally translates to “eating” but can also be used […]

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The Best Online Arabic Course

The Best Online Arabic Course Interaction with native speakers is the most important activity you should do if you would like to learn a new language. At least 75% of your learning time should be spent with native speakers. Grammar and vocabulary books or CDs can’t teach you how to speak a new language or

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political arabic terms

The arabic Territory has a lot of political events, from wars to revolutions. this happen in regular phases knowing some of the arabic political terms will help you keep up with the current events. English Phonetic Arabic Written Arabic Political Organization Monazamat Syiasyiah المنظمات السياسية Government Hokomah حكومة National Assembly Majles Al Ommah مجلس الأمة

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Arabic Free Online Courses

Arabic is one of the most important languages on Earth, with over 450 native speakers in 22 countries. The importance of Arabic is growing day after day, and now there is an urgent need to learn Arabic, but Arabic is considered one of the hardest languages to learn due to the fact that Arabic is

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List of Arabic business words, terms and phrases

The Arabic world is a large marketplace with thousands of opportunities. However, for you to forge an effective business relationship with Arab countries, you will need to know their culture and language. See why you should learn the Arabic language for more details. In this topic I will list the most famous words in the

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loanwords in English from Arabic

The Arabic language has a big influence on several languages, which is due to Islamic nations gathering and translating documents during the mid centuries  from ancient Roman, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Persian, Byzantine, and Egyptian writings. They added and developed all of these knowledge and Sciences. Some of these findings are still being taught today. The

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